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On the Internet World Wide Web

When you think about it, why do you advertise your business at all? To get new customers and to sell more products and services to existing customers. The Internet is an excellent tool for attracting new and loyal clients. For your existing customers the Internet provides a new and innovative way to communicate plus expanded access to your product line and services. New customers come looking for you, which gives your business instant access to thousands of new prequalified customers. The Internet is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can complement your other forms of advertising such as newspaper, direct mail, radio and television. For example, you should add your World Wide Web address (your to every advertisement, business card, company letterhead etc., so that when a customer sees your ad, they can obtain more information by going to your web address. The Internet allows you to supply a lot of information in your web space, which gives your business a powerful image in the marketplace and this can be done at a very affordable price. The following are a few other benefits to think about:

Ten reasons to advertise on the Internet

1. Worldwide marketing and increased visibility

Expand your business out of the city, state or nation into the emerging global marketplace. There are over 50 million users browsing the Internet that can access your information at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2. Internet as the great democracizer

Only on the Internet can you complete head on with large or fortune 600 companies. You can implement things faster, provide better service and have a better understanding of what your target market wants and needs.

3. Reduce service calls and increase customer service

By having complete information about your products and services on the Internet, you can drastically reduce the time and expense of helping customers with common problems. You can have customers fill out questionnaires or eligibility forms online without typing up personell.

4. Increase your professionalism

Your customers will be impressed with your "forward looking" vision and feel more comfortable about doing business with you.

5. Slash postage and printing bills

Dessigning, printing and mailing brochures or catalogs is very expensive. Adding new products to it throughout the year is prohibitively expensive. The Internet allows you to get your message to tens of thousands of interested people. You can modify your advertisements daily or hourly, you can send your message through E-mail to thousand absolutely free.

6. Measure readership

The power of the Internet provides you with information about how many people have "hit" or visited your site. Therefore, you will be able to see how many potential customers have read your advertisement and what specific products or services they are most interested in. This will able you to keep track of trends at a glance.

7. Post job opportunities, recruit great employees

Finding good help is often the hardest par of running a successfull business. Use the Internet to find the best and brightest.

8. Because your competitor is on the Internet

You must keep up and not be left behind in the dust.

9. Because your competitor is not on the Internet

This ist an opportunity to jump ahead of the crowd as a mover and a shaker.

10. Increase sales

Because almost all people visiting your web site will have found it by specifically looking for information about your product or service, you will sell a much higher percentage of them.

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