The worlds business opportunities trade centre on Internet.
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WWBO is published and designed by WWBO Business Opportunities who are based in Germany.

WWBO is associated with several specialised independent companies who are supporting Business Opportunities at the highest professional standard to serve the used machinery and equipment-market, world-wide.

The present trade centre is the result of 4 years of development and is the new way of business.


A highly developed interactive searchable data centre.
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What are the charms of WWBO Business Opportunities?

  1. It is global.
  2. It is 24 hours per day.
  3. It is actual.
  4. It is updated by yourself.
  5. It is free of charge for the readers.
  6. It’s rates are very compatible.
  7. It gives you direct contact to the market.
  8. It is easy to compare market information.
  9. It is representative and professional.
  10. It gives you the opportunity to link your company.


Just simple and only one click away.

What furthermore do we do:

  • Web side design and creation
  • marketing and internet consultations


Company policy

To create and maintain an electronic marketplace
on internet, where

  1. visitors can surf free of charge;
  2. subscribers can show and update their
    inventory (-information);
  3. prospect buyers should find the object within a
    maximum of 5 clicks;
  4. the usd machinery and equipment-industry is served;
  5. costs are covered and profit are made by adverts,
    banners or web sides;

 Privacy Policy

We, at WWBO, appreciate your interest in our products and services. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to be comfortable while visiting our site(s). You may be asked to give us personal information when you visit our web site. This information will be maintained in strict confidentiality. Any personal information you provide is stored safely and securely by us. This will enable us to send you additional information about our products & services, upcoming events etc.

You should also know that all transactions on our site are secured and we strive to maintain the highest degree of security. You should also be aware that we do not sell any of the information you provide to us to other companies, vendors, marketers or other third parties who are not associated with us or have not signed a confidentiality agreement with us.

If you have any questions/comments,
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WWBO® Business Opportunities
The independent provider of internet services.

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While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, the WWBO & WFB Business Opportunities is not to be held liable for any error that may remain. WWBO & WFB makes no warranty regarding the standing or credit of any person or company. Enquirer should make its own enquiries and exercise its own judgement regarding the use of any information.

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